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About Us

CreateYourProposal is a unique platform launched by fundsforNGOs to assist NGOs conceptualization, project planning, research and development of project proposals for raising funds from donor agencies. Developing proposals is one of the most challenging tasks for NGOs as they need to understand, research, analyze and plan their projects in an in-depth manner and submit them to prospective donors to seek funds. CreateYourProposal intends to assist NGOs in this entire process by giving them access to sample proposals and empowering them to create their own proposals using tech tools.




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Frequently Asked Questions

The CreateYourProposal is a unique platform built by the fundsforNGOs team based on a decade-long fundraising experience. It offers an online database of project proposals to assist NGOs in grant writing and raising funds from donor agencies. Proposals are crucial planning documents required by donor agencies before providing funding to any project. Often NGOs in developing countries find it challenging to create strong proposals under tight deadlines. This platform seeks to empower NGOs in conceptualizing their ideas, planning their projects, and delivering their capacities. It offers a set of sample proposals and a grant writing software application to simplify the process of writing proposals.

While CreateYourProposal seeks to assist NGOs in developing proposals and raise funds, in no way we consider that this is your final solution to getting grants. Fundraising is a process, and there are different stages in this process that you need to complete one by one. In one of these stages, you are required to write a proposal, and CreateYourProposal only guides in this process using the most useful tools and resources. Rest is up to you on how to use and build it.

No. We do not provide any guarantee that the proposals sourced from CreateYourProposal will become successful, and you will start receiving grants. As mentioned above, CreateYourProposal is not your final solution. It is just a resource that will assist you in the process of fundraising. Real efforts to write and present a proposal will depend upon your skills and experience.

CreateYourProposal is a paid product as we have significantly invested and built up the website over a long period of time. In order to cover our costs, we charge a nominal amount from users to access the service. However, anyone can sign up for a free trial.

Yes. The system has been built so that you can search and read sample proposals based on your country and/or the thematic areas of work/interest.

Under the Beta version, downloading of sample proposals has been restricted. However, as we launch the full and final version, users can download sample proposals as well. Please note that in order to avoid misuse of our bandwidth, we may put a cap on the number of proposals allowed to be download.

CreateYourProposal is currently under a pre-release stage, also known as “Beta.” Although our technical team has ensured its smooth and complete functioning, it is yet to be tested in the real world across different operating systems to identify bugs. So only a limited number of selected users are allowed to register and use the platform as of now. During the “Beta” testing, it is possible for users to encounter system crashes, limited accessibility and error pages. Our team is positioned to track them and fix them during this phase of development.

Yes. One of the purposes of inviting you to sign up for this platform is to help us identify bugs and errors to fix them. You can report errors by using the “Feedback” button on the webpage or using the “Contact us” page.

No. Currently, we do not offer Proposal Writing Services.

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